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  • Mercuri Urval

The search of talents – 5 tips for finding and keeping the best experts

A skilled employee truly is the most crucial resource of a company. Many growth companies are struggling with the same challenge: finding dozens of skilled employees to take the business to the next level isn’t an easy task. Studies show that approximately 40% of newly hired people quit their jobs within the first working year. In other words, the recruitment process hasn’t encountered the right person for the position. How to find the right people then?

Say hello to cognitive and ability tests and artificial intelligence, and invest in the leadership. Most importantly, help your employees to develop their skill sets so that they can become experts in your business.

1. Give AI a chance

AI, artificial intelligence, in recruitment processes is still a rather new thing. AI is used to target potential candidates in media. In time, the system will learn how and where to find the most potential people for your needs. The ability to offer relevant jobs for suitable candidates, both active and passive, increases the efficiency of the recruitment process. AI is also a cost-efficient way to find candidates and make your employee brand step up.

AI is a great tool for searching for candidates, yet choosing the right people for the position that also matches the company culture, is still a man-made process. Even the toughest expert must fit into the company culture in order to stay in the firm for years to come.

2. Cognitive tests have a proven track record

A bunch of studies point out that cognitive and ability testing clearly improve the results of recruitment processes. Even over 40% of the future performance of candidates can be explained if the recruitment process combines tests and interviews. Candidates that do well in cognitive tests usually also gain new knowledge fast.

3. It’s time to question personality tests

Personality tests have gained popularity during recent years and when used right, they can add a nice touch to the recruitment process. Though, the effectiveness is nowhere near the tests, as approximately 2% of the variance in future job performance can be explained with even the best personality tests. A simple rule of thumb goes well with interpreting personality tests: Don’t go there. Always let professionals interpret the results. Making conclusions by yourself can guide you into making costly decisions.

4. Make real leaders instead of managers

HR is not just about finding the right people – but also keeping them. By tracking the average duration of employment and reasons to leave, companies can observe what are the main factors in need of improvements. Too often the reason for leaving a company is related to challenges in leadership or the company culture.

Invest in turning your managers into true leaders. Great leaders within the company make employees strive to work for them.

5. Enable life-long learning

In order to make sure you are recruiting people for the right tasks and making sure your company is an attractive place to stay, constant development should be enabled. Lifelong learning is something every individual is looking for.

Hence, give your employees a chance for that. Having regular talks with your employees, hearing their wishes and hopes and offering them opportunities to gain new responsibilities and taking the next steps is vital in managing the in-house talents. In the big picture, it is a lot better to keep a professional in the company, even if they changed departments, than lose them to a competitor. A motivated employee is something you want to hold on to.

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