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THURSDAY 30.1.2020

8:30 Registration & Breakfast

Attract, Develop and Retain the Right Talent


9:00 The Moderator Kick Off


9:05 KEYNOTE Creating an Agile Culture During Times of Change

Andrew Cocks, Associate Subject Matter Expert, Questback

  • Ensuring employee alignment

  • Building a shared commitment to act

  • Involving everyone in the change process

9:30 Intelligent Community in Modern Organisation

Jaana Kilpimaa, Senior Advisor, Leadership and Business Development Services, Azets Insight 

Krista Leppänen, HR Advisor, Recruitment Services, Azets Insight  

  • Human centric design and working patterns

  • From competence to continuous learning

  • Work life skills or life skills?


9:50 The Importance of Employee Engagement and Tips for Improvement

Paulus Maasalo, Country Manager, Quinyx Finland

  • The commercial advantages of having a happy workforce

  • Reasons to consider peer recognition

  • On the benefits of pulse surveys

10:10 Possibilities and power of HR driven capability planning

Katja Söderman, Business Lead, Sofigate

  • What does it mean to be the owner of a company’s capability and skills development?

  • Strategic approach to workforce planning

  • How HR Directors, CIOs and COOs develop business capabilities together




11:05 Rehumanizing Work and Promoting Sustainability Through Purpose, Meaning and Capabilities

Jaakko Sahimaa, Account Director, Organisational Psychologist, HRM Partners

Paula Kilpinen, CEO, HRM Partners

  • Leveraging capabilities to create purpose and promote sustainability

  • Leading with meaning

  • How to make working life more meaningful?


11:30 Common pitfalls in modernizing HR and Payroll processes and how to avoid them

Eric Matsgård, CMO, Aditro Group

  • More than half of HR and Payroll system projects are still failing to deliver the value they promise. Why is that so?

  • Common pitfalls and mistakes when modernizing HR and Payroll processes and systems

  • Winning recipe for successful HR and Payroll system implementation

11:50 KEYNOTE Steps for Creating Staffing Strategies That Work

Brigette Hyacinth, Author, Founder, MBA Caribbean Organisation

  • How to go from reactive to strategic 

  • Having the right skills for your current business needs to meet strategic goals

  • Planning for unpredictability



Innovate Roles of HR with Delivering Greater Business Results

13:25 More Pressure to Become 'Agile'

Björn Lorentzon,  Business Development Manager, Sympa

  • Business cases for agile HR

  • Delivering better business results through talent

  • Is HR actually ready for what it means to be agile?

13:40 Towards Self-Directed Organisations - Observations, Myths and Practical Proposals

Laura Lares,  CEO, Ablers / Hosted by Rastor-instituutti

  • Global insights and future trends

  • Eye on the preconditions

  • Pitfalls and groundwork

  • Practical steps towards the future


13:55 From Competency to Compatibility Based Recruitment – Case: Why Companies Like K Group Use Video Interviews

Visa Myllyntaus, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, K Group

Miikka Tuomola, Business Development Director, RecRight

  • Global insights and future trends

  • Why video is an essential part of the recruitment strategy

  • How to gain efficiency, accuracy, quality and time-savings through video interviews

14:10 Guaranteed Cost Savings for HR with Automation

Elina Seppänen, Senior Advisor, Practise Owner, Sofigate

Susanna Grundström, Advisor, Sofigate  

  • The role of technology in modern day HR

  • Employee experience transformation with technology

  • How automating operations brings cost savings

14:25 Proactive, Goal-Oriented and Long-Term Work Ability Management

Mervi Lamminen, CEO, Auntie

  • A good leader knows what promotes good work ability

  • The core leadership skills needed

  • The rise of “Presenteeism” in the workplace 

  • Case: Key results partnering with the healthcare professionals

14:40 Cultivating Employee Engagement and Retention through Skills Building and Integration

Marjo Launonen-Espinosa, Language Center Director, Berlitz

  • Fostering confidence through language and culture training

  •  Nurturing expat employees by being involved in the integration process

  • Ensuring employee competence in evolving business landscapes



15:25 HR Can’t be Strategic Until it Excels at Operations

Michael Maier, Country Manager Nordics, Personio

  • The three stages of HR transformation (Digitization, Optimization, Insights)

  • Getting rid of manual, repetitive work to focus on value creating tasks

  • Real-life examples: Efficient Recruiting & Onboarding when growing from 3 to 375 employees in 4 years


15:40 Success Through Funmaster Commitment – Case Linnanmäki Amusement Park

Pia Adlivankin, CEO, Linnanmäki

  • The wheel of success for workplace (well) fun-being

  • Success is built through inspiring company culture and coaching leadership

  • Funmaster concept at Linnanmäki


15:55 The Role of Culture in Employer Brand

Kaisa Salakka, Director, Product Management, Unity Technologies

  • Building the best employer brand

  • Talent acquisition and survival in the competition between employers for best people

  • Leadership from every seat at the table


16:15 KEYNOTE Building a Dream Team

Dr. Zunaira Munir, Founder and Managing Director, Strategize Blue

  • The role of HR in supporting strategic creativity in an organization

  • How to shift any organization out of a competing mindset and into a creating mindset

  • 3 tools to build people’s confidence so they drive the creative process to seize new growth and create a compelling future



Venue: Kattilahalli, Helsinki
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