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Starting 9AM EET - Helsinki Time


Registration & breakfast




Adapting to the Ever-Changing Landscape: The Role of Optimism, Lifelong Learning, and Technology in Leadership and People Management

Riikka Salminen, Managing Director, Dell Technologies Finland

  • Optimism and ability to change as leadership keystones

  • Technology is shaping the world and sets new expectations for leaders and people managers


Culture by design, not default: Role of HR in shaping organizational culture

Christina Poulsen, Head of Employee Engagement, Metso

  • Building blocks of a high-performance culture

  • Leading and measuring progress of culture development

  • Empowering employees as Culture Ambassadors


Workplace wellbeing in generation Alpha: What HR needs to know?

Evelina Holmgren, Organizational psychologist and Author

  • How has growing up with significant global events and technological shifts influenced Generation Alpha's worldview?

  • How are workplaces adapting to Generation Alpha's preferences for flexibility, well-being, and personal growth?

  • How does Generation Alpha's holistic perspective redefine the balance between work and other life priorities, placing a premium on meaning and integration?


Networking Break


Change Management – how to lead the change and prepare for the better future?

Helka Pirinen, CEO, People & Leadership Consulting

  • How to inspire people toward the future? We need more followship than Leadership!

  • Generation Z will change the Leadership: How to lead the generation Z?


How to lead a manufacturing organization in 2030?

Ira Silvendoin, HR Director, Valmet Automotive

  • Productivity is based on well-being & how to maintain it in changing business environment

  • How to bring self-drivenness to old-fashioned culture


The role of HR in the ongoing AI driven transformation

Sergio Fasce, Vice President Human Resources, Nokia


Lunch Break & Networking


Creating great Employee Engagement through Process Orchestration

Reggie Rusan, Chief Technology Officer, eSystem Nordic


Your employee experience turned into AI-driven insights and recommended actions

Johannes Midtbö, CEO, Populum

  • With AI models in your employee survey platform, you can uncover hidden dynamics and ensure a workplace that promotes well-being and performance.


Can intrinsic motivation be measured and managed?

Tuuli Stenbäck, Human Resources Director, Accountor Services Finland

  • How Accountor has created its own KPI measures for motivation to support management.



Networking Break


Potential of Payroll 2024

Martijn Vrolijk, Head of Business Development Nordics & Growth Markets Europe, ADP

  • Employee experience is top of the agenda – but what about accuracy?


Scaling a People organization in an international and rapidly growing company - case Wolt

Matti-Esko Seppä, VP, PEOPLE, Wolt

  • Where to focus on when designing a People organization for a quickly scaling international organization

  • How to find and design for scale when operating in +25 countries 

  • Learnings from Wolt's journey this far - what has worked for us. 


Human-centric culture: Shaping the future of HR

Eija Hakakari, CHRO, Yle Finnish Broadcasting Company

  • At the heart of every successful business is its people

  • Empowered and satisfied workforce as a significant driver of business success


End of Day

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