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How to reach sustained health and work ability? Remember at least six things

The effectiveness of measures to promote workers' health, working capacity and general well-being is often underestimated or weak. In this case, the benefits of the investment will be poor or completely a mystery. Six things help to deliver good results and impact. Very often employees are measured in various ways, after which the employee is left alone with one's need for change. In order to achieve genuine efficacy and sustained changes in working capacity and health, it is important to identify the things that should be taken into account.

Sustained change in health and work ability is based on six things

Movendos was founded seven years ago, but the team has more than 20 years of experience of supporting employee health, work ability and well-being. Based on this long experience, open discussions with employers and health behavior science background we have recognized six factors which enable sustained improvement of health and work ability on individual level.

Unik Health Coaching is a concepted value and solution based personal coaching. The duration is three months, with five secured remote coaching discussions together with own health coach. Also remote support between the meetings and concrete individually taylored behavior changing tasks help to make small changes concrete.

Our coaching responds to these six angles which bring impact:

1.Individual aspect

There are no standard solutions for health promotion. General guidelines, advice, or campaigns do not work what comes to sustained change. We are all very different individuals from our backgrounds, needs, motives and desires. Our personal experience of health, well-being and related needs and desires alone varies from person to person. Through an individualized approach, the overall results of our coaching reflect not only lasting positive life changes and improved health, but also a very high level of commitment. As much as 98 % of the trainees commit to coaching.

2.Right timing

Individual life situations vary from one year to the next, from months to weeks. It is important that support is available from the individual’s perspective at the right time. In general, employee will receive support only after a long period of sick leave, which in addition to the human side has caused huge costs already to the employer. The Model of Instant Support of Movendos provides easy, timely and low-threshold support for employees when the need arises.


Recent research results and our own coaching results reinforce our view that health and well-being should be approached holistically rather than through different silos. Health and well-being is a whole that is influenced by many different factors. The positive effects obtained in one area are reflected in many other areas of health. Above all, the solution for change is not usually in outwardly visible health issues, but instead, in the root causes often associated with life values and life management.

4.Right method

For our own coaching, the approach is not primarily based on silos like exercise, nutrition and health sciences, but on the behavioral sciences to which the former are subordinate. Our coaching is based on a value and solution focused coaching approach, with listening. The coachee is encountered and heard through his own life situation, through his own values, interests and motivation. Then the concrete support of the coach and the small steps of everyday change are based on the coachee’s needs.

Instead of simply giving instructions from outside, better and lasting results will be achieved when the need for change is driven by one’s own insights and life. This knowledge and understanding is based on extensive research and long experience in the field.

5.Easy to participate

It is important that a person can easily participate coaching from one’s daily life, whether during work or leisure. Individual coaching must be easily accessible, regardless of job responsibilities and location.

When coaching is targeted at specific risk groups, it is also very important to communicate the opportunity in the right and self-directed way. We have a lot of experience with this and we have reached the right people well.

6.Experienced health coaches

In the end the most important single factor to success is the skill and personality of the coaches. Movendos health coaches are experienced and carefully selected health and well-being coaching professionals.

Results tell about a concept with impact

During the coaching, the changes in the life areas of the image below are monitored at the overall level and for each life area separately. Changes in other area of life are reflected as a positive change in another area.

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