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More than a thousand stories of health and working capacity – Results of health coaching in Finnish

Employers make big annual investments in health, ability to work and common well-being, but the results and impact are followed too seldom. For employers it’s also challenging to involve the right persons, the can be lack of commitment or rehabilitation does not change habits and health in everyday life.

Personal health coaching with a right timing reaches the right employees and brings sustained results and impact. Already over thousand implemented individual coaching journeys mean as many different stories about health and working capacity.

High stress levels, life habit diseases, too little of sleep and the lack of holistic life management cause huge costs in the society and at workplaces. Only in Finland, the price tag of the lack of ability to work is four billion euros annually. Every year 18 800 employees are retiring due to decreased work capacity. All in all almost 170 000 people are retired already because of this reason.

With the cost that one employee retiring too early causes to the employer, could be arranged almost 500 personal health coachings. And vice versa, with one health coaching at the right time, over 300 000 euros’ savings can be reached, as the employee continues at work instead of retiring due to a lowered working capacity.

People have a need to be heard and faced regardless off profession

The latest research evidence and the results of our coaching programmes confirm that the promotion of health and well-being should be approached comprehensively instead of using a variety of segregated solutions.

Based on research and experiences it’s also evident that a human being can affect his life and health in a sustained way, if he gets personal support from the aspect of his own life and needs. The problem has been that personal support with the right method and with a proven impact has not been available and especially not in all locations. Now it’s possible with a secured remote coaching.

We have developed a personalised health and well-being coaching concept based on more than 20 years’ experience and extensive dialogue with company representatives.

Traditionally, health promotion has been a highly expert-led activity, working through various ready-made instructions and pieces of advice. Our coaching programmes take an approach that is not primarily based on sports, nutrition or medicine, but instead focuses on behavioural science, with the aforementioned factors subordinated to it.

Our coaching is based on a value- and solution-oriented approach, which revolves around listening and, above all, hearing the participants. People are treated and heard in terms of their own life situations, values, interests and motivations. Health and well-being are a holistic entity influenced by many different factors. Therefore the positive effects of one area often reflect onto several other areas of health.

Health coaching with a proven impact

Movendos is a Finnish company with a background in behavioral and health research. In Unik Health Coaching the challenges of supporting employee health and working capacity have been solved with the following recipe:

  • Individual aspect

  • Right timing

  • Holistic aspect for health

  • Value and solution based coaching method

  • Remote coaching easy to join

  • Experienced coaches

  • 98 % commitment level

  • Proving the impact

The new report has been published

Every single individual employee has a different background, different kind of life situation, different needs and different responsibilities at work. Therefore there are no standard solutions for supporting individual health and well-being. Tips for stress management, exercise, nutrition and sleep are nice to have, but common guidelines and campaigns don’t work when sustained change in health and daily life is needed.

Based on the experience of over thousand personalized health and wellness coaching journeys we know how to reach sustained results with a real impact for health and the ability to work.

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